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Complaints of failure to receive certified records will be honored within 6 months of the original request. If the copy was to be returned to you by U. Postal Service, please allow 3 weeks after mailing the request before inquiring.

Inquiry about copies ordered with payment for special courier delivery should be made within 7 days of the request. Mail returned because of insufficient address or address changes will be re-mailed if this office is notified of the correct address within 6 months of request. If the expiration date is more than 6 months old or you do not have a valid photo ID, you will need 2 pieces of documentation with your name, 1 of which must show your current address, to prove your identity.

ONE piece of documentation can be a bill for example electricity, cellular phone, water or other mail showing your name and current address. However, if issued prior to October , you will need to submit 1 additional documentation showing the current address as noted above. At a scale of 50 feet to an inch, the maps offer detailed information on the use made of commercial and industrial buildings, their size, shape and construction material.

Between and , the Library of Congress withdrew duplicate maps from their collection and offered them to selected libraries. Maps for Missouri towns and cities were given to the MU Libraries. Documenting the layout of Missouri cities from to , LSO has digitized 6, of the maps for Missouri cities from to The Sidewalks of St. Slaves in Early Wills, Slaves were a part of early St.

St louis death records

These documents may be the only record of the birth date. This index includes information from two such wills. Soldiers of the Great War: St. An alphabetized list of St. Louis city and county men who were killed during World War I.

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Men on the list were in the United States Army. The list was compiled from names given in the three volume book set Soldiers of the Great War comp. Haulsee et al. The list provides name, rank at the time of death, and place of residence when the man entered the service. A collective index to books which contain biographical sketches of notable black St.

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Louisans both past and present. Louis American newspaper. Index provides issue date and page. Louis Area Cemeteries. List of cemeteries comprises mainly those in St.

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Louis city and county, although there are some entries from surrounding counties or from East St. The list is compiled from a variety of sources. Many entries were found in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch while indexing obituaries from that newspaper. Other sources include our Local History Card File, clipping files, telephone books, and historic directories. Louis Argus Obituary Index. The index begins with Vol. John's Lutheran, St.

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Louis, Undertakers Association St. Louis Businesses, s.

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Indexes St. Louis Star. The city of St. Louis Star-sayings. Saint Louis, Mo. Louis Cemeteries, In , there were 6, interments in the City and County. Calvary had the most burials with 1, and Mt. Shereth Israel had the fewest with 2. Louis Census. Ultimately over four million pages of original court documents, dating from to , will be preserved and accessible for research.

The St. Louis Circuit Court retains millions of records that document the judicial, social, cultural, and economic history of the city, county, state, and nation. This project is a broad partnership of government, university, legal, and business organizations to preserve and make available these unique judicial records to the citizens of Missouri and the nation. Louis City and St.

Louis County Physicians Directory Polk and Company in Louis County Vietnam War Dead.

telbiatenkaking.cf List of men from the city of St. Louis Civil War Era Newspapers, Listing of newspapers for this era held by St. They are not indexed. Louis Daily Evening News St. Louis Daily Press St.

St louis death records

Louis Daily Union St. Louis Dispatch St. Louis City Wills -- after St. Louis Coffinmakers and Undertakers, Louis Coffinmakers and Undertakers, was compiled using the classified ads section of St. Louis city directories for the years , , , , and The list provides name and address as listed in the city directory, the directory year, and the page number within that directory.

The information provided below is usually the only information available in the directory listings. Louis County Library -- Special Collections. Register of Births, St.

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  • Louis County, Missouri Stillbirths, St. Louis County Will Book, After the separation of St. Louis City and County in , the new County seat was established in Clayton. County residences recorded their life and death events at the new courthouse starting in This index covers the St. Louis County Will Book I — Louis -- Deaths. Louis City from Day Book of Dr. John Harris Deaths of St. Louis -- Ethnic Groups. Elite of St. Louis - - Fire and Police Deaths of St. Louis Police Officers, St. Louis Fire Department Roster, St. Louis Globe-Democrat deaths St.

    Louis -- History. Louis -- Hospitals. Louis Letter Carriers, Louis -- Maps. Pitzman Atlas St. Louis -- Marriages. Joseph Catholic Church, Early St. Louis County Marriages, Pre St.

    War Zone: East St. Louis - "Corruption" - part 1 of 6, KMOV-TV

    Steines, J.