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Search our used car inventory online. Then come to one of our dealerships in Arkansas and take a car, truck or SUV out for a test drive. Our selection of used vehicles and low pricing makes it worth the trip. Find Your Used Car.

Used Cars in Central Pennsylvania

Current Specials. Price is always important when buying a car.

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  8. If you're on a budget and can't afford a new car, or don't want such high monthly car payments, a used car is your best option. Buying a used car in Sherwood, also saves you from new car depreciation. As soon as you drive a new car off a car lot, it immediately drops in value. We can't change that fact, but you can limit depreciation by buying a used car instead. We carry many popular brands of used cars. There's also the option of buying a certified pre-owned car.

    Certified pre-owned cars go through a thorough inspection and we repair anything that's not working up to our standards. They have low mileage with no history of accidents or damage, and often come with a warranty. Browse our certified pre-owned cars in Sherwood, to see if we have the right one for you. Or give us a call at to learn more or to schedule a test drive. Check the exterior for dents and rust spots.

    Flexible Financing

    Inspect the frame to make sure it isn't damaged. Check the trunk for wear and water leaks. Feel the tires for worn treads and feathering, which can be a sign of poor alignment.

    5 Used Cars You Should Buy

    Check the exhaust system for rust or holes. Pop the hood: hoses and belts shouldn't have holes or cracks. Look for engine leaks and corrosion. Pull the transmission dipstick: Fluid should be pink or red. Run the air-conditioner to make sure it cools properly. Note the mileage. Findings were based on factors such as pricing, reliability, and performance. This list is compiled from data provided by both Consumer Reports and J.

    Power Vehicle Dependability Study Results , as well as customer satisfaction surveys.

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    In other words, even though a car may need to be repaired less frequently, the total cost of those repairs, could still exceed that of a less reliable car. Often with either big or small repairs, domestic cars are less expensive to repair in terms of parts and labor than imports. With used car extended warranties, you get additional peace of mind in protecting both your investment and your wallet, but make sure the plan you choose is the best one for your specific needs.

    The daring side of dependability

    Diana Merrill Claussen is a native Floridian who resides in the truck capital of the world, Texas. She loves writing, but is passionate about motoring!