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While we are en route to the hotel I will point out the beach and the golf course. If you want to catch a movie while you're here, the entertainment district is off to your left. Since you have a kitchenette at your hotel you will need to know where the grocery store is.

We recommend that you only carry necessities in your purse and leave everything else at the hotel. The gift shop has many great souvenirs, such as postcards of the beautiful waterfalls. The driver has made a request that you throw all of your garbage in the bin at the front on your way out.

Public places in English - Shops and services vocabulary

You will see there are many more eateries to choose from when we head to the restaurant district. So what makes it a potential word of the year ? Put simply, woke has gone mainstream and in doing so has been subject to a bizarre transformation.

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The latest is nanoinfluencer — someone who may have only a thousand or so followers. They are supposed to be like you and me and their endorsements come cheap for the brands that target them.

As the digital economy penetrates deeper, some people you know might already fall into this category: maybe next year, you will too. The fear that most preoccupies modern-day public figures is that of cancellation: being dumped in the basket of deplorables after a trial by a jury of millions of strangers. Notable cancellees this year included the beauty YouTuber James Charles, whose followers turned against him for reasons too arcane for most outsiders to understand, and Justin Trudeau, whose offences in blackface are a bit easier to discern.

If you are concerned about your own status, a new website, Am I Cancelled?

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The Language of Great Leadership

Every age has predicted that the end of the world is nigh. But it increasingly feels as though inhabitants of earlyst century Earth may be on to something. From the environmental to the political and the economic, our times are defined by a worsening of conditions to the point of emergency. In May, the Guardian changed the language it uses to describe the situation, preferring climate crisis or breakdown to the less-urgent seeming climate change.

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It remains to be seen what course our own crisis will take. People A pretty ordinary word — and one with a long history its origins are murky once you get past Latin, where populus meant a community or nation. Play Video. Topics Language.

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