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Don't turn too fast, don't crash into anything, and you should be able to max the meter fairly quickly and return to the dealership to repair the car. The Bobcat owners want to go offroad, so take them down near the junkyard and start hitting the hills. You can earn a massive boost to the sale meter for flipping the car, but this is difficult to do without risking a simple overturning, which will destroy the car and end your mission. These buyers are more willing to buy a car that's been damaged than other buys, though.

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As a general rule, no matter what kind of car you're driving, you'll probably be best off by driving towards the Pay N Spray when you start out from the dealership, just in case you wind up needing to repair it before you head back. Completing different levels of this challenge will cause upgraded cars to be available for jacking outside the dealership. Location: In the alleyway just to the west of JD's stripjoint, there's a Freeway sitting by the stairs leading to the roof.

Hopping on it will let you start 9mm Mayhem. This is essentially a rail-shooting game, where you're riding on the back of the freeway while an AI character drives it. You have three minutes and thirty seconds to kill ten targets with your SMG; you can go above that, obviously, but that's the minimum you need to pass. Your targets are initially fairly weak, and drive motorcycles or slow cars, but quickly begin driving healthier cars with gunners that'll shoot back at you.

There's not much to say here except that you need to execute. You won't take much damage in the first four or five rounds, since there's no one to shoot back at you, so fight through these rounds quickly and save your strength for the missions where enemies will actually put up a fight.

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  3. GRAND THEFT AUTO IV - Map: Liberty City.

If you're on a straightaway, you can use your fine-touch aiming with the L trigger to attempt to shoot out the gunner in the rear of a car before firing on the car itself, to reduce the amount of damage that you take while you're blowing it up, but for the most part, just aiming for the car will let you destroy it more quickly.

You do have three adrenaline pills that you can use by pressing the R button; this will slow down time and let you more easily shoot out the gunners in the rear of the cars. Save these until you get up to the ninth target or so, then start using them to shoot out the gunners to prevent taking damage before moving on to the next level of the game.

After you've destroyed ten targets, you can use the adrenaline on the eleventh car, then just follow it around and not shoot it until time winds down to complete the game. If you max out your damage meter, you'll fail, even if you did kill ten people, so it's best to just get into a situation where you can't be damaged and let the timer run out.

These are just checkpoint races, in which you have to hit a series of checkpoints within a certain amount of time to move on. They do get more difficult as you unlock more challenges, but you can try them as often as you like, so beating them all is just a matter of tenacity.

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  • The GTA Place - GTA:Liberty City Stories (Helicopter).
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  • Location: This mission is found in the middle of the building with the helipad atop it in Chinatown. Hop on the Faggio to start it. This mission is essentially identical to the 9MM Mayhem mission, save for the fact that you ride a Faggio instead of a Freeway. Location: Head to the junkyard on the north end of the island and find the Sanchez parked there. This mission is another of the somewhat annoying jump-into-the-coronas missions, using the Sanchez to reach variously colored points around the junkyard. You get one point for green, two points for yellow, and three points for red coronas, but the red coronas are obviously going to be the hardest ones to get.

    You need to get 20 points within a limited amount of time to pass the mission. Like many of the other skill-based mini-games, this one's all about the practice you put into it. Don't even worry about the time limit initially; just focus on learning how to make the jumps required to get the red coronas, and practice them until you can hit them reliably.

    When you're ready to pass the mission, start it over, grab the red ones that you've been practicing, then see about getting the less difficult ones that you need to get up to 20 points. Salvatore wants Mayor R. Hole taken out of the picture, for crimes real and imagined. He's on his morning run through the park when you take this mission, escorted by roughly a billion armed guards. The kicker here is that Salvatore also wants the mayor's cell phone, so you can't just run the mayor down and be on your merry way.

    Or can you??? Anyway, if you enter the park with a weapon equipped, the guards will open fire on you. If you drive a car into the park, even if you don't have any weapons on you, they'll also open fire on you. If the guards are alerted to your hostile intentions, then they'll mob you and take you down pretty quick, and the mayor will start to run for his motorcade on the eastern side of the park. If he makes it to his cars, he'll take off and you'll have to chase him down and ram the car, etc. Any way you look at it, this mission's probably going to cause you to die a few times before you pull it off, especially since you have to grab that cell phone as well.

    Just killing the mayor isn't all that tough although his sweats are apparently bulletproof, making him pretty resistant to gunfire, albeit not unkillable. Getting the cell phone while coming under fire from all the guards, then escaping alive; that's tough.


    Gta Vice City Stories

    We found that the best tack to take here was to enter the park with a vehicle, something like a Banshee, Taxi, or a cop car, and just run the mayor down before he gets to his motorcade. You can enter from the south, if you like, or, if you want to be sure you get him, you can ram some of the motorcade cars out of the way and head in from that entrance, since that's where he's heading.

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    If you can run him down, then you can try to lure the guards away a bit by running in any given direction, or even driving well away from the park and hoping that a few of them follow you. Just try not to get shot up too much.

    When you reach the cell phone, grab it, then quickly beat your feet for the street and jack a car. If you're still in the park, you can head for the lake on the north end and take the Landstalker there instead, which should serve you fine until you reach Salvatore. We're not kidding, though; getting to the cell phone and escaping alive is going to take some doing, simply because there are so many damn guards around.

    If worst comes to worst, you can try buying AK rounds at the Ammu-Nation here and using that weapon to try and clear the herd a bit.

    GTA: Liberty City Stories

    You can also buy body armor at the Ammu-Nation, which will help you survive long enough to get the cell phone. Nothing to see here, move along, move along Well, it's true; this is basically just a cutscene. Congratulations on being made. After this mission, your Ma will call off the contract she put on you, meaning no more random hitmen attacks, and you'll be able to start accepting missions from our old friend, Donald Love. Another rail-shooting mission. This one sees you and Sal take a boat out into the bay, kidnap a gentleman, then attempt to make your getaway through the hordes of Secret Servicemen that are watching over him.

    As with sniping, you can hold the L button to fine-tune your aim, but really, winning this mission is something of a matter of luck, simply due to the fact that your viewpoint will be bobbing and weaving while Sal drives the boat. It's extremely tough to kill off the enemy gunners as they come in, but you can do the next best thing and aim for the boats that most of them are on; destroying the boat will obviously prevent anyone on it from shooting at you. When you go past the docks, you can likewise aim at the explosive barrels scattered around instead of at the gunners themselves.

    You'll know that you're almost at the end of the mission when you see the incoming helicopter, so finish off any remaining ground forces before concentrating on it. When we beat this mission, it was by the slimmest of margins; completing it may require you to just play it a few times until you learn where all the enemies first appear and anticipate their arrivals. Without any kind of lock-on help with your gun, it's exceedingly difficult to beat it on your first go-through.

    Yeah, Salvatore's pretty damn smart; he decided to go spying on one of the rival gangs, only to find himself stuck in the middle of a huge gang war. Brilliant man, this. It's a wonder he survived this long. Anyway, you'll need to grab Salvatore's bulletproof limo to go pick him up, but doing so will also entail outfitting yourself properly.

    Body armor? M4 or AK47 ammo? Sniper rifle? At least 20 or so rounds for this will be quite helpful here, so check. Now there's just the little matter of affording all of this. If you need some cash, you might want to try selling some bikes or cars before attempting this mission. When you're set up with your equipment, grab the limo from the parking garage and head over to where Leone is.

    He's in an alley that's blocked off with concrete posts, so you'll have to ditch the limo to reach him, but as soon as you leave your vehicle, the entire alley will fill up with mafiosos.