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To use this site, you'll need to enable JavaScript. If you aren't sure how, follow these instructions. Per Georgia Revenue Code section all property shall be assessed at 40 percent of its fair market value and uniformity. The office is open to the public between the hours of a. Monday through Friday.

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For your convenience, the tentative agendas are posted online. The meeting dates are subject to change. A website has been developed for the public for searching property records by owner name, address, parcel number and legal information. The website also enables property owners to estimate taxes, read and learn about exemptions, download assessment related forms, search sales of properties in Thomas County and 'Notices to the Taxpayers.

Notices of Assessment are sent to all real property owners each year, generally in May. Georgia law provides a procedure for filing property tax returns and property tax appeals at the county level. Taxpayers may file a property tax return declaration of value in one of two ways: By paying taxes in the prior year on their property the value which was the basis for tax becomes the declaration of value for the current tax year O.

In some counties property tax returns are filed with the county tax commissioner and in other counties returns are filed with the county board of tax assessors. The purpose of these visits may be in response to a return, appeal, site improvement permit, homestead exemption application, conservation use application or a routine review of your property. The appraisal staff will only gather necessary property information and take photographs as needed. The appraisal staff will have a photo id and will be driving an appropriately marked vehicle. Properties are typically researched in groupings by neighborhood, property type, and property use.

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  5. Market analysis procedures are mandated by Georgia state law and the Georgia Department of Revenue O. If sufficient market information is available and the analysis indicates that our appraised values are out of line with the market, we update values across whole groupings or classifications, such as neighborhood or property type and use. All taxable real property will receive an Annual Notice of Assessment.

    A change made to the value will be reflected on this notice. The notice informs the property owner of the fair market value as calculated by Board of Tax Assessors and the appraisal staff, as well as provides the property owner the assessed value 40 percent of the fair market value of their property O. The annual property tax bill will be based on the assessed value 40 percent of the fair market value unless subsequently adjusted following an appeal. If the owner of a property disagrees with the value on the Annual Notice of Assessment, they have 45 days from the date on the Notice of Assessment to file an appeal.

    The owner can appeal on the basis of taxability i.

    Cobb County Board of Tax Assessors

    Click here for the appeal form. As soon as your appeal is received, the following will happen: The appraisal staff will review your appeal.

    If the appraisal staff elects to make a change in your valuation, you will receive another written Change of Assessment Notice called a day notice. If you are dissatisfied with the revised appraisal, you have 30 days to appeal the revised appraised value to the Board of Equalization BOE. By responding that you do not accept the changes, your information will be forwarded to the Clerk of Courts to schedule your hearing.

    The Clerk of Superior Court will notify you by mail of your scheduled hearing date. You must be present and prepared for the hearing. If the appraisal staff does not make any adjustment in your appraisal, you will be notified that your appeal will be forwarded to the next level based on your selected hearing type. The Clerk of Courts will notify you by mail when you are scheduled for your hearing.

    When the date and time of the hearing arrives, you will have an opportunity to present your case. At the end of a hearing, both you and the county appraiser may stay for the deliberations between the Board of Equalization members, but you and the county appraiser must refrain from presenting any further evidence or discussion. The Board of Equalization then deliberates privately and makes a decision. Both you and the Board of Assessors will be notified in writing of the official ruling.

    Arbitration rulings cannot be appealed to Superior Court. In addition to the regular homestead exemption authorized for homeowners, certain elderly persons are entitled to additional exemptions. The full law relating to each exemption must be referred to in order to determine eligibility for the exemption. If you are eligible for one of these exemptions and are not receiving the benefit of the exemption, you must apply for the exemption in order to receive the exemption. They must be filed by April 1 to be applicable for the current tax year.

    Additionally, 2. If you have any questions regarding these meetings, please contact the Banks County Tax Assessor's Office at You are responsible for reporting all taxable personal property or penalties will be assessed. We mail Personal Property Tax Return forms as a courtesy, but not receiving one does not relieve your responsibility for filing a return. Only the USPS cancellation stamp or certified mail tracking will be considered when determining if either has been filed on time.

    Reviews: The purpose of a review is to determine if a property owner has correctly and fully completed their return and reporting schedules. It is based upon the good faith disclosures of the property owner and information that is readily ascertainable by the appraisal staff. The examination should include a comparison of the current return information with return information from prior years.

    The appraiser should contact the owner or their agent by an on-site visit, telephone call or written correspondence to attempt to resolve any questionable items. Returns with unresolved discrepancies, unexpected values or incomplete information could be escalated into an audit. Audits: The purpose of an audit is to gather information that will allow the appraiser to make an accurate determination of the fair market value of the property owned by the property owner and subject to taxation. An audit is an examination of the records of the property owner to make an independent determination of the fair market value of such property where such determination does not solely depend upon the good faith disclosures of the property owner and information that is readily ascertainable by the appraisal staff.

    The property, however must be returned, valued, and entered on the tax digest.

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    A temporary tax bill shall be issued for every manufactured home which is under appeal. Once the tax assessors office has reached a determination regarding an appeal, it has 10 days to notify the tax commissioner of the final assessment.

    Property Records Online | Georgia Department of Revenue

    If no appeal has been filed and a manufactured home owner believes that the tax on the manufactured home has been erroneously or illegally assessed or collected, the owner may file a request for a refund. The request may be filed within 3 years of the date of the payment of the taxes in question. Effective January 1, , the new title tax increased to 6. Submit copies of the registration documents and photos of the vehicle along with the completed appeal form.

    Photos need to include all four sides, inside, damage if any , and odometer reading.

    A Few Important Things

    If this vehicle was recently purchased, please include the purchase price on the appeal form or provide a copy of the bill of sale. You may also schedule a visit to our location for a physical inspection. Real property is defined as land and generally anything that is erected, growing, or affixed to the land.

    Personal property is boats, airplanes, business inventory, and any equipment, furniture, and fixtures needed to run a business. The amount of taxes owed on these properties is determined by their value.

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    In Georgia the property tax system is a multi-level, complex structure that sometimes results in a great deal of misunderstanding by the public, the media and even the policy makers. There are several key participants in the property tax process beginning with county government.

    Each of those groups plays a vital role in the overall property tax process. The Board of Commissioners are responsible for providing the funds, or budget, that actually pays for the services previously mentioned.

    Tax Assessor

    They are also required by state law to appoint the Board of Tax Assessors, an independent body responsible for estimating property values. State law also requires the commissioners to provide county funds to finance and administer the property tax process. This includes the operation of the Board of Assessors and all appraisal functions, appeal activities, and tax collection.

    The Board of Commissioners, however, does not have any role in the appraisal or assessment of property other than making appointments and funding the process. And, while the county commissioners appoint the Board of Tax Assessors, state law provides that the Board of Tax Assessors operates independently.

    Another participant in the property tax process is the Tax Commissioner, an elected county constitutional officer, who compiles the county tax digest for state review and approval. The Tax Commissioner sends tax bills and collect taxes for counties, for schools, and many times for the cities that levy property taxes.