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You can receive information about transitional accommodations in South Dakota by clicking on the following link. The site is home to thousands of listings of transitional residences, many of which help people with substance abuse issues. You can sign up for housing from two weeks to two years, depending on the program.

While you cannot apply to HUD or a local housing authority if you have been convicted of certain felonies, you can use this resource if your felony did not involve the manufacture and sale of methamphetamine or a sex offense. The Housing of Urban Development or HUD works with area housing agencies to support the housing requirement of people who are on low or fixed incomes and need a habitable place to live.

In turn, subsidized housing is offered that, in some instances, is free to applicants with a limited means of support or who are not supported by a salary. Instead, refer to the above-suggested methods. Felons are regularly denied housing at large apartment complexes. In order to progress in your job and housing search, you need to download your criminal record. Use your history as a tool to negotiate leases or to serve as documentation when you are applying for transitional housing. You can obtain the document by clicking on this link.

The law does not favor felons when it comes to obtaining housing.

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Therefore, property managers are in their right to turn you down for a rental apartment or other types of dwellings. If a property manager believes you may pose a possible threat to their community, then, legally, they can refuse your housing application.

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Age and gender, in some instances, are included on this list. The list defines federal protected classes of people — people who can sue a landlord if they believe the reason for a rental refusal was based on any of the listed categories. If a decision is based on prejudice versus reason or fact, then the discrimination is considered illegal.

For a property manager to practice fairness, he or she must consider applicants equally. For instance, anyone who has a series of non-payments or evictions can be turned down for housing as they have proven, from their past history, to be an unreliable tenant and payer. If a landlord decides against renting an apartment to a potential tenant because of their race, sex, religion, ethnicity, disability, familial status or national origin, they are in violation of the US Fair Housing statutes. All applicants should be treated without bias or equally This stipulation also applies to felons.

Therefore, it is considered legally acceptable to refuse housing to a felon as long as that refusal does not extend to an individual in a protected class. You can read more about illegal discrimination by referring to NOLO online. Property owners in South Dakota who rent properties must follow anti-discrimination laws and rent properties that are considered legally habitable. In addition, they must be able to draw up a leasing contract and know what steps to take for eviction. When housing discrimination is considered illegal, a landlord is basing his or her leasing decision on a preference.

If an applicant is denied housing then, it must be due to their credit score or leasing history. Arbitrary discrimination can get a property owner into trouble, especially if it supports favoritism. For example, if a property manager rents you an apartment and you are a felon but does not rent an apartment to another individual who is a felon, he or she can be sued. Because of his or her preference, the discrimination is considered arbitrary as well as illegal. You can learn more about this form of discrimination by clicking on this link.


Working through either governmental entities can lead you to Section 8 HUD or subsidized housing. You can also contact local housing authorities in the state. According to statistics, 35 housing authorities are located in South Dakota. These entities own and operate an aggregation of rentals and administer Section 8 vouchers.

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The biggest housing authority in the state is the Housing and Redevelopment Commission in Sioux Falls with 1, public housing units that are under management 1, Section 8 vouchers and 25 public housing units, according to statistics. Housing authorities, themselves, are governmental type entities that operate a variety of Federal housing assistance programs.

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A housing subsidy is paid by the government to participating apartment communities. You, in turn, pay the difference between the subsidy and the actual amount of the rent.

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If your felony does not involve the making and selling of drugs, such as methamphetamine, or you are not a convicted sex offender, you should set up an appointment with HUD or HUD-based agency as soon as you are released from prison. While you may not be able to move into an apartment right away, you can still include your name on a waiting list. If you cannot work with HUD, then you need to go through the reentry program at your correctional facility and obtain the name of housing contacts for your particular locale. Craigslist can also be used as a reference for apartment listings.

Most of the posters are entrepreneurial in nature and therefore are more lenient to would-be tenants. In order to look at the Craigslist listings for South Dakota, you need to click on this link. From there, insert your rental range to review your choices.

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You can always refer to the reentry listings for South Dakota that we have compiled on this site. Chandler, John W. Scibak, Jennifer L. Flanagan, Gale D.

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