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Public access to appellate court, criminal common pleas court, and magisterial district court docket sheets; court calendars; rules of court; UJS contract postings; and ePay for secure payment of fines, costs and restitution. Criminal History Search. This website is administered by the Pennsylvania State Police.

Find policies and related information pertaining to accessing official case records of the magisterila district courts, electronic case records, and UJS financial records.

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First Judicial District, Pennsylvania Civil Trial Division Find information on arbitration appeals, compulsory arbitration, and commerce case management. Search Court Records. Allows users to access information on Utah's court and cases. The online database requires a paid subscription. Appellate Docket Search.

Allows users to access case information by using the appellate case number. The database does not allow searches for cases that have been closed for longer than 3 months. Welcome to Vermont Courts Online. Supreme Court.

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Search for information on cases using name, case number, or hearing date. Court of Appeals. Circuit Courts. Not all Circuit Courts provide online case information. Search for a Case. The search tool returns a case summary and, where applicable, calendar information and a list of case activities docket. Criminal Records. Obtain access to information in the Judicial Information System's statewide computer with a paid subscription. Alabama alacourt. Virtual Docket. Manages Delaware's court documents online.

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The database allows the user to access information concerning bankruptcy, chancery, claims, district, opinions, and the state's supreme court. The Web site charges a fee to access the information. Johns County St. Case Search - 4th Circuit Court of Appeals.

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The state has no online court records. Supreme Court Public View Docket. Supreme Court Docket Search. Supreme Court Case Docket. Search the docket using the case number, party's name, or attorney's information. Oklahoma State Court Network.

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Subscription service. The presiding judge of the Court of Criminal Appeals serves a two-year term and is selected by a vote of the other justices.

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To be eligible to serve on the Supreme Court or the Court of Criminal Appeals, a candidate must be at least 30 years old and must have been a licensed practicing attorney or judge in Oklahoma for at least five years. They also must have been a registered voter in the judicial district that they represent for at least one year before pursuing this position. An active justice must maintain their certification as an attorney or judge throughout their tenure.

The district court granted Hub a money and foreclosure judgment. Barnett filed for bankruptcy. During the bankruptcy, Barnett made court-approved Justia Opinion Summary: In a matter of first impression, the Oklahoma Supreme Court addressed whether a claim of intentional interference with a prospective economic business advantage required a showing of bad faith, and whether the immunity p The Ordinance amended Article II of Plaintiffs-appellants were homeowners whose contractors installed Defendant's shingles on homeowner's roof.

Justia Opinion Summary: Plaintiff, a child, by and through his parents, brought a Governmental Tort Claims Act action alleging he was injured through the negligence of a school bus driver. The child was taken to a hospital emergency room, given Defendant Cimarex Energy Company was the lessee of the Property's m Judges who stand for reelection are then put to election by the people of Oklahoma. If the majority vote to retain the judges, they will serve for another six-year term. However, when a judge declines to seek reelection or is defeated, the seat on the Court of Criminal Appeals shall be considered vacant at the end of the current term and the Judicial Nominating Committee must search for a potential replacement.

Judges who have failed to file for reelection or were not retained by the people of Oklahoma in the general election are not eligible to immediately succeed themselves. Retention in office may be sought for successive terms without limit as to number of years or terms served in office. The bifurcated system of separate final appeal courts for civil and criminal cases exists only in Oklahoma and neighboring Texas , meaning that, unlike most states, Oklahoma has two courts of last resort.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court , which is considered the first among equals of the two, determines all issues of a civil nature, and the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals decides all criminal matters. Regardless of where the appeal comes from, the Court of Criminal Appeals is always the first court to hear an appeal involving the death sentence in Oklahoma. Whenever there is dispute involving whether a case falls under the jurisdiction of the Oklahoma Supreme Court or Court of Criminal Appeals, the Supreme Court determines which of the two bodies has jurisdiction. Its decision on the matter is final.

Beginning in with an amendment to the Oklahoma Constitution approved in , seats on the Court of Criminal Appeals ceased being filled by partisan election and instead were filled by non-partisan appointment by the Governor of Oklahoma upon nomination by the Oklahoma Judicial Nominating Commission. Judges serve until the next general election following their appointment at which they are retained or rejected.

If retained, they serve for an additional six-years until the next retention election.


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Note : The blue vertical line denotes "now" November From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. United States Constitution Oklahoma Constitution. Counties Cities and Towns. Federal Relations. Politics of the United States Politics portal. Retrieved Highest judicial bodies in the United States.