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There is no residence requirement to be married in California. Couples can get a marriage license in one county and get married in another, unless one of the parties is underage. For a time, couples had to get their marriage license in the county where the ceremony was to be performed. The Family History Library has copies of the marriage records for many counties.

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For example, Los Angeles County marriage applications and certificates are available on microfilms. The Family History Library has copies of the marriages for many counties. The index for to is available at the Family History Library [2] The Family History Library has not obtained copies of the actual certificates from the state office. Write to the Office of Vital Records and Statistics or the County Recorder if the county is known for further information.

To see a coverage map of FamilySearch's holdings of California marriages, click here.


Divorce records have been kept by the superior court in the county where the divorces were granted. You can write to the clerk of the court for information. You can also write to the State Department of Health for records since For example, the Family History Library has microfilms of death records , indexed You can also write to each County Recorder for information.

D eath Indexes.

The death index includes: Deceased's full name, date of birth and country or state of birth, death date and death place in California, Social Security Number, and mother's maiden name. California State Registrar.

To see a coverage map of FamilySearch's holdings of California county death records, click here. In the statewide indexes prepared by California each county was assigned a number.

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The chart below will assist you in utilizing the indexes. These codes have been taken from image 3 of the California Death Index, No city codes were listed. You can learn more about the history and availability of vital records in Guide to Public Vital Statistics Records in California.

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These links will take you to wiki pages describing alternate sources for birth, marriage and death records. California Archives and Libraries. To request editing rights on the Wiki, click here. From FamilySearch Wiki. A number of men, women and children were rescued from trees where they clung when unable to reach higher ground after leaving their imperiled homes.

City in darkness. Riverside was without light or power from p. Hospitals, theatres, stores and homes were crippled in their operation. Most of the places of business were closed except night cafes where flickering candles were in use. Tourists were unable to leave Palm Springs for almost a week.

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The devastating floods in made it painfully clear that Riverside County government did not have an adequate program of flood protection. In June of , as war continued to be waged in Europe and the South Pacific, the Riverside County Board of Supervisors decided to wage a war against flooding. What delayed action on this front between and is not clear. Perhaps it was the preoccupation with the war itself. San Bernardino County, with the creation of its flood control district in provided a blueprint that served as a guide for our County. The process in Riverside County began in June with each Supervisor appointing three representatives to what became known as "the Committee of 15".

They were tasked with deciding how to best approach this local war on flooding. Later in at one of their meetings, A. Fulmor, the County Surveyor, presented a comprehensive and visionary report. In that report he made the following observations: 1. As a general law county "The power of the Board of Supervisors to do work of this kind flood control is pitifully inadequate.

The County focus is on protecting roads and public property, not private property. Water conservation is an absolute necessity. The COE, however, finds it difficult to work with those counties not having a flood control district. A flood control district will provide the opportunity to collect data and guide future planning. Pulling a car out from the mud after the flood of Santa Ana River flooding in March of As progress was made in formulating the District Act the statute establishing the District and guidance under which it is to operate , opposition to inclusion in the proposed district arose in the southwest portion of the county.

Signatures were gathered on protest petitions circulated in the communities of Temecula, Murrieta, Wildomar, Elsinore, Anza and Sage. Despite this opposition, the Board supported the inclusion of this area and on July 7, , barely a year after the formation of the Committee of 15, AB was approved by the Legislature and signed into law by Governor Earl Warren. Bookman emphasized the District's water conservation responsibilities.

Whereas groundwater recharge at this site had been quite informal, the District improved the facility to enhance recharge and to measure quantities spread.

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Bookman also began a data gathering system of rain and stream flow gagging stations, and started bank erosion control using apricot tree cuttings placed between wire fences along the San Jacinto River. He is remembered for establishing the District as the primary basic hydrologic data collector in western Riverside County. Smith as Chief Engineer.

Little San Gorgonio Creek spreading grounds, typical of several facilities operated by the District. Minor storm flows are turned out of the main stream into basins where the water percolates to groundwater. This facility is still in use conserving floodwaters. His first priority was to construct a series of six earth fill dams in the hills south of the city of Riverside to control hazardous flood waters emanating therefrom.

Harrison and Woodcrest Dams were completed in , and all six were in place by In addition, Pigeon Pass Dam above Sunnymead was completed in Riverside County became the first in the state to require year flood protection on new land divisions. Since then year protection has become standard throughout the state and the nation and was also adopted in the National Flood Insurance Act of Ground control surveys and mapping was initially done by a private photogrammetric contractor providing maps covering one square mile each.

The levees were designed to protect the city from severe flood damage similar to that experienced in the flood of Also in , the District became the first public agency to set up an in-house division of photogrammetry to produce maps using aerial photography. Armed with this choice land parcel, the District proceeded to design, and put out to contract, a 10, square foot office building at its present location.

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Thus the District was to have the first home of its own. The District provided funds for right of way, utility relocations and bridges. These local costs were reimbursed to the District by the state. The District began using electronic distance measuring EDM devices in , significantly speeding up survey distance measuring. An EDM could accurately measure one mile or 20 miles in just minutes. With conventional transit and steel tape, a like survey line would take hours, and if the line of sight needed clearing of brush and trees, it could take days.

In , a 50' x ' concrete "tilt-up" building was erected at District headquarters in Riverside and the maintenance function moved there. Kelsh Plotter - Initial machine used to launch the District's "in-house" photogrammetric mapping program in Pigeon Pass Dam above Moreno Valley was completed in December and continues to protect this now highly developed area. Slope Paving on Bautista Creek, June The District's first computer, an IBM , was put into use in Exercising its authority and water conservation responsibilities, the District provided legal and engineering representation for more than public and private water users within its boundaries.

Also, the District established and supervised the "water defense office" in Riverside. It was the distribution center and repository for water suit data on behalf of all upper Santa Ana River basin defendants. Four and a half years later, in February , upper basin interests filed a cross complaint against Orange County water users, and on April 17, , the suit was settled by "physical solution" providing for an annual minimum Santa Ana River flow through Prado Dam in terms of quantity and quality.

The Water Defense Office closed on June 30, , with 4, parties, defendant and cross defendant, having been named and served. Thus was concluded the most massive lawsuit in California water history, with the District having played a significant role in defense of its area water interests. These calculations are quite labor intensive, slow and tedious. Some design problems require multiple trial computations to arrive at the optimum engineering solution.

Hydrologic and survey computations likewise are complex and require inordinate amounts of time to complete. Faced with increasing workloads, the District purchased its first full fledged computer, an IBM , in November, It had 20, bytes of mass storage. All major calculations in engineering and surveying were quickly shifted to the new machine.

A water surface profile calculation which previously took about one week to complete, could now be done in less than a day. Two years later, the District bought its second digital computer, trading in the on an IBM The was faster and had more storage , bytes of mass storage and cost less. Extensive engineering software was developed by District staff to do hydraulic, hydrologic and structural computations utilizing the During the March flood event, major flooding from Tahchevah Creek occurred through downtown Palm Springs.

In , Tahchevah Dam was constructed to control flood waters originating from the steep mountainous watershed above the city see picture, left. The first storm occurred from November 13 - 19, followed by another storm November 21 - Because of the ground saturation from the earlier storm, the second storm caused significant runoff in streams in Riverside County and especially in the desert areas of the district. Cottonwood Creek overflowed Interstate 10 east of Highway junction and all traffic was stopped for several hours. The lack of all-weather bridges and flooding of major roads resulted in the cities of Desert Hot Springs and Palm Springs being isolated for a period of time.

Access to other communities in the Coachella Valley was severely impaired. Several lives were lost as a result of people trying to drive across streams at "dry"-weather crossings. Cars were swept away, some with passengers trapped inside. Most District facilities were put to their first real test. For the most part, they performed well.