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That sounds like a deliberate attempt to write around the issue.

Trump takes credit for release of Obama's birth certificate

His comments at the debate made very clear Blumenthal was pushing the rumor privately —behind the scenes. Actually, the former McClatchy News Washington bureau chief offered considerable details in claiming the campaign did just that. Donald Trump cannot distract from the fact that he is the one who embraced and promoted the birther lie, and bears the responsibility for it.

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But in a sworn affidavit, the late Christopher Hitchens claimed he used that very word to him while trying to discredit Lewinsky. The relevant facts about Sidney Blumenthal—dating back to the late s—are suddenly not fit to print. Go figure. We get it: you like to have control of your own internet experience. But advertising revenue helps support our journalism.

Trump on Birtherism: Wrong, and Wrong

While it's unclear if the results might sway those committed to a specific point of view, they give a sense of the power Google has to tailor search results for a specific purpose. The California-based search giant's move comes a month after Facebook began adding a "disputed" warning tag to some articles with no basis in fact.

Thus far the fact check tags seem to be most often triggered by long-existing false stories. For example, a search in Google's main search box of the phrase "kidney theft" give a top return that links to a Snopes. Some political topics are also present.

President Trump did sign an executive order in March that overturned a temporary moratorium on the leasing of federal lands for coal mining, but Snopes noted that public lands had never been fully and permanently closed to such activity in the first place. The phrase "30 million undocumented immigrants" brings up Google fact-check snippets because during the presidential campaign, Trump made the claim that the number of undocumented immigrants in the United States could be much higher than the 11 million previously reported by the US government.

It could be 30 million," Trump said in a speech in Phoenix in August.

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That number was actually pegged at The system isn't partisan and any fact check organisation that wants to can take part, as long as it abides by Google's terms of service for fact check snippets, Google says. They require that analysis "be transparent about sources and methods, with citations and references to primary sources.

Barack Obama's Birth Certificate

Google has been under pressure, both internally and externally, to provide more authoritative and truthful results. But George Bush was born in this country.

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  • For the next few months, Trump courted believers in the conspiracy and even advised advocates for state laws requiring future presidents to produce proof of their U. Ironically, an Arizona bill on the matter, which Trump specifically advocated for, was vetoed by then-Gov. Jan Brewer — now a top Trump surrogate. At that time, as they do now, the Clintons forcefully disavowed the notion.