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Emerging research indicates that inmates who maintain contact with supportive family members while incarcerated fare better when released. The justice system involves many different agencies and has contact with individuals with a broad range of needs. Reformers should engage government officials, practitioners, researchers, policymakers, and NGOs from within the system and from associated fields such as public health, anticorruption and socioeconomic development to develop strategies and build consensus.

These partnerships can not only help to achieve legislative reforms, but can also support the development and implementation of institutional programming and services, transition planning, and coordination of community-based referrals. Given the novelty and multifaceted nature of this issue, reformers need to be willing to try different options through small-scale pilot projects, and to explore examples from other jurisdictions. Knowledge of their efforts and results can help reformers overcome challenges that at the beginning may seem insurmountable, and potentially inspire new strategies.

Whether reformers choose to replicate existing programs or develop a new concept, testing pilot programs can save money and enable communities to measure the impact before investing in a large-scale change. Detention either pretrial or following conviction is expensive. For example, in Mexico the annual direct cost in of pretrial detention was estimated at 5.

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Every tax dollar spent on incarceration can mean less money spent on services correlated with reducing crime such as social services, health, housing, and education. Reducing the use of pretrial detention could allow funds to be redirected to crime prevention and other areas proven to enhance public safety. By making pretrial detention fairer, less harmful and more humane, we can better serve justice, protect basic human rights and build safer communities.

But swift action is needed so another generation of our youth is not lost to the ill effects of extended and often unnecessary time behind bars. A fundamental rethinking of how our justice systems approach unconvicted detainees will save lives and money in the long term. View Endnotes. View Table Endnotes. BY Richard M. Aborn and Ashley D. Millions of people languish in miserable conditions in prisons across the Americas, awaiting trial.

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Video interview available. Illustration by Luba Lukova. Collect sufficient data to understand the full picture before pursuing change The consequences of pretrial detention are easy to generalize across jurisdictions; however, the causes are not. Use the pretrial period as an opportunity to meaningfully intervene in the lives of offenders The period between arrest and sentencing provides a unique opportunity to identify and address the underlying needs that brought the offender into the justice system. Start planning for release early Nearly all offenders who are incarcerated eventually return to the community.

Collaborate The justice system involves many different agencies and has contact with individuals with a broad range of needs. Experiment Given the novelty and multifaceted nature of this issue, reformers need to be willing to try different options through small-scale pilot projects, and to explore examples from other jurisdictions. Reinvest savings Detention either pretrial or following conviction is expensive.

Is it ever wise to just stay in jail and wait for trial?

View Endnotes Click on the table for an expanded view. Like what you've read? Subscribe to AQ for more. Any opinions expressed in this piece do not necessarily reflect those of Americas Quarterly or its publishers. Like what you're reading? If you think that your friend or family member has been arrested, by using the Internet you can easily locate him or her in jail without any trouble. Jail is a temporary facility where people are held waiting for a court action. Jail records are considered public information and provided for free by many counties.

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Most of the jails are computer savvy and have a website online where you can search for inmates for free. By using this service you can find the information you need within few minutes. You just need to know the state where a person you are searching for was arrested. Contact the Prison or Jail directly. The best way to lookup who is in jail, or inmate information , is to contact the relevant state Department of Corrections.

Typically the state DOC websites have a free offender search where you can lookup inmates that are currently incarcerated or that have been released. Unfortunately the time someone has left in jail is not part of the public record that is typically available for 3rd party websites. Contact the jail facility that person was incarcerated at and inquire within. It will be helpful to know the date the person was sent to jail as well as their age and their full name and any other identifiable information.

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Another way for you to look into this is to contact the relevant Colorado county jail or the Colorado Sheriff Department and inquire with them about your friend. I am looking for my sister. Her name is Katheen Roberson. Unfortunately Amanda if this was a recent arrest you will want to contact an Atlanta law enforcement agency to inquire about this.

We do not have her information in our Georgia criminal records database. You might start by contacting the Atlanta sheriff department and they should be able to perform a search through their network to find your sister. The Atlanta sheriff department phone number is He also served time in the California prisons under the name Kenneth Orville Baker. That being said, you can use the Department of Justice website to perform a national federal inmate search.

Hopefully this will allow you to find out what jail or prison your brother is located in.

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How To Find Out If Someone Has Been Arrested In The Past

You will be required to attest to these statements again in the member's area prior to conducting your search. As required by the DPPA, we will retain a record of your request, including your name and selected permitted purpose s. Understanding the Jail System Before you start looking for a person in jail, you must first understand how the jail system works.

Recently Arrested: Immediately following an arrest , the offender is usually taken to the local jail in the county where the arrest took place.

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If the arrest took place in the same county as the crime, the offender will likely remain at the same jail until the trial, unless bail is posted. If the crime occurred in a different county from the arrest, the offender will most likely be transported to a jail in the county where the crime took place to stand trial. Awaiting Trial : Unless the charges are dropped, a defendant is released on his or her own recognizance or bail is posted, he or she will remain in jail in the county where the trial is to take place.

In most cases, the defendant will remain in this jail until the conclusion of the trial or until sentencing. Post Sentencing : Sentencing will determine what type of jail the defendant will be in for the duration of sentencing.

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Sentences of less than one or two years — depending on the state and county — generally allow the defendant to remain in the county jail. Defendants that must serve longer sentences will be sent to state prison. The location of the state prison inmates are sent to will depend on location and which prison has space available. Defendant may change prisons several times throughout their sentences.